About us

Your local operating partner in the Nordics

Founded in 2016, Creopretium acts as a local operating partner to investors active in the Nordic public markets and real estate

Creopretium was founded by a seasoned investment professional with experience from both public and private equity and is built on six pillars:

  Strong alignment of interest

  Reputable network

  Problem solving approach

  Supportive and active ownership

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With a client centric approach, Creopretium as a local operating partner provides independent advice on a select basis to corporations and owners; including but not limited to the following areas:

 Strategic reviews

 Capital structure and dividend policy


 Capital budgeting


 Investor relations

 Real estate (private and public markets)



Creopretium as a local operating partner can invest equity along with our partners. Creopretium applies private equity principles on public market investments. Investment projects are undertaken in partnership with institutional investors and industrial advisors. Core activities comprise sourcing, research, underwriting and execution of active ownership in accordance with a structured investment process.

Focus is on situations demanding meticulous research where exceptional value can be unlocked through change management. Investment style is value oriented. Strategy is opportunistic with value add to active ownership. Investments are made independent of sector, but contingent on availability of industry expertise in Creopretiumʼs network.

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