Press release no. 1/2017

Stockholm 10 November 2017

Creopretium AB (“Creopretium”) completes exit in Arise AB (publ)

Creopretium (including related parties) have sold the entire remaining holding of ordinary shares in Arise AB (publ) (“Arise”). The investment project has yielded a negative total return amounting to –7.0%, equivalent to an IRR of –2.4% over a holding period of three years.

“Against the backdrop of negative total return and significant underperformance since the IPO in March 2010, we are obviously disappointed that the board of Arise has not embraced initiatives put forward by Creopretium. Strategic initiatives we regard as sound and rational, to achieve a turnaround and enhanced shareholder value,” comments Hans Derninger, Managing Director Creopretium. 1 2

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Hans Derninger, Managing Director Creopretium, +46 722 48 72 00


1 Cumulative total shareholder return to 9 November:

since 24 March 2010

since 9 October 2014

since 18 January 2016

Arise AB (publ)




Eolus Vind AB (publ)




SIX Return Index




Source: Creopretium, Infront.


24 March 2010; first day of trading in Arise ordinary share on the NASDAQ Stockholm Exchange following IPO.

9 October 2014; refined strategy declaration, please refer to press release from Arise AB (publ), “Revised target”.

18 January 2016; Daniel Johansson took office as CEO of Arise AB (publ).

2 Please refer to press release Open Letter to the Board of Arise AB (publ), 7 March 2016, Creopretium.

About Creopretium

Creopretium AB (“Creopretium”) acts as a local operating partner to institutional investors in the Nordic public markets, providing advisory services and co-investments where exceptional value can be unlocked through change management. Creopretium is a private limited liability company incorporated under Swedish laws and registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Corporate registration number 5568820111. The registered office of the board is in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information about Creopretium, please visit us at